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The Centre

Established in 1893, the Centre has a steeped history in the Horseracing industry in Newmarket. Having undergone social changes impacting the need of the centre, we have developed a multifaceted support hub catering to food-poverty, financial hardship, welfare needs, and that of physical wellbeing in a welcoming facility.  


People fed

during 2023


People Served
in 2023


Organisations providing critical support operate from the centre 


Discounted coffees made and distributed during 2024

Get Involved -
Contribute to your community


The Centre raises funds each year to fulfil the services we provide to the horseracing community and that to Newmarket. Each penny we fundraise goes directly to the those that we help and allows us to continue to do the work in the centre. 


Volunteers create the backbone of the services we provide and is a critical element to the success of the Centre. Each minute donated, allows the centre to focus on its core mission and objectives and helps provide to those in need. If you would like to help make a meaningful impact lcally, click the button below. 

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