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Newmarket Rotary Community Awards 2024

Nominations Now CLOSED

Welcome to the Newmarket Rotary Community Awards, a celebration of the outstanding individuals who make a difference in our community. Nominations for these prestigious awards open on Thursday, April 18th, and close on Friday, May 17th. We invite you to recognize the champions among us by submitting your nominations online below or in person at the Newmarket Journal office. Whether it's a dedicated volunteer, a compassionate neighbour, or an innovative leader, let's honour those whose contributions enrich the fabric of our community. Join us in acknowledging their efforts and inspiring others to create positive change.

**Award announcement will be published here as the award committee releases information. **

Environmental Award 

Awarded to a person, or group of people, who help to make our local community more environmentally friendly.

Diversity Award

Awarded to a person, or group of people, who inspire people from all walks of life to come together for a common cause. They help break down barriers and encourage community cohesion. 

Neighbour/Carer Award 

Awarded to someone who make a difference to the lives of others through their care and support, without whom life would be more challenging.

Fundraiser Award 

Awarded to a person, or group of people, who have gone above and beyond to raise funds for a needy cause. 

Super Server Award 

Awarded to a person who goes above and beyond in a customer facing role in the community. Somebody who gives the best customer service always with a smile on their face.

Volunteer Award

Awarded to a person, or group of people, who voluntarily give of their time to help with needy causes, making a difference to those who live within the community. 

Inspiration Award 

Awarded to a person who has dedicated their time over many years to a sporting activity, musical activity, or another activity where they have inspired others to partake in this event. 

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