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New community outreach health clinic at Newmarket’s Racing Centre gets £4k of council cash

Newmarket’s Racing Centre is next week set to add an outreach clinic to the community services it offers.

The project, which will be run in conjunction with the Forest Heath area’s Primary Care Network (PCN), and with support from the town’s GP practices, is being backed with a £4,000 grant from Newmarket Town Council.

John Gilbert, the centre‘s chief executive, said: “The outreach clinic aims to further enhance the range of services already available at the centre by offering access to social prescribers, skin cancer screenings and osteopathy services.

“These services address critical health needs within our community and complement the existing support infrastructure provided by the Racing Centre.”

Town councillors had also asked whether a dentistry clinic could be included in the proposal but Mr Gilbert said because there was a general shortage of dentists that was not an immediate possibility.

He told councillors the clinic’s social prescribers would help individuals address non-medical issues affecting their health such as loneliness or issues with housing.

Skin cancer screenings would mean the early detection of a potentially life-threatening condition with potentially improved health outcomes for town residents. Currently such screening in the Newmarket area is only available in Brandon.

Mr Gilbert said the on-site osteopathy service would offer residents relief from musculoskeletal pain and provide support for rehabilitation following injuries.

The Racing Centre, in Fred Archer Way, formerly the New Astley Club, already houses services including Newmarket Foodbank, the Voluntary Network, the National Association of Racing Staff, Newmarket BID, Reach Community Projects, the RaceFit Gym and the New Astley Cafe.

by Alison Hayes (Newmarket Journal)

Published: 05:00, 28 March 2024



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