Racing Staff Week

#RacingStaffWeek2023 Recap

Racing Staff Week 2023 saw an unprecedented amount of activities and events taking place between Saturday the 24th June until Saturday 1st July. The centre hosted a Racing Welfare Bingo on Sunday the 25th as well as a quiz night on the Tuesday with a host of yards taking part in both.

Sunday also saw the centre hosting a football 5-a-side at Newmarket town grounds. After a tense day, the semi-finals Saw Joseph Parr Racing take on Godolphin with Joseph Parr taking the round. The second semi-final saw Shadwell take on John & Thady Gosdens yard with Shadwell taking the win. The final saw a difficult game between Shadwell and Joseph Parr with a penalty kick-off deciding the winner on 4-2 to Shadwell. Pictures can be viewed HERE

Rounders was a hot topic this year with 14 teams entered to play in Newmarket in the mini series. The semi-finals are scheduled to take place this Thursday with Harry Eustace Racing taking on Marco Botti Racing battling it out for third place, and Somerville Lodge taking on Ed Dunlop Racing for second and first place.

These events have been kindly supported and sponsored by both NARS (National Association of Racing Staff) and The Jockey Club, of which have made these events possible. Thank you from all participants, teams and The Racing Centre.