Power-Plate donated to RaceFit

We recently welcomed a new addition to our fitness offering. Stephen Gold donated his second-hand Power-Plate to RaceFit following the closure of his Newmarket-based Osteopath practice, helping to boost the gym’s facilities.

“We are extremely grateful for Stephen’s donation, the Power Plate has already proved a time-saver for jockeys due to its effectiveness and the fact that so many muscle groups are activated at the same time.” Ian Howell, Gym Manager

“Many of my clients operated within the racing industry and I sought to give something back. The Racing Centre is a worthy charity that works closely with those within the racing industry, it’s great to hear that the Power Plate has been put to good use.” Stephen Gold, Newmarket Osteopath

Paying tribute to the many sponsors and supporters of RaceFit, Chief Executive Officer John Gilbert comments “Every piece of equipment in the gym has been kindly funded by a local trainer, stud or vet and makes a huge difference to our members.”

Getting started 

Our easy to follow poster shows visual descriptions of each position for resistance, flexibility and massage.

Our friendly RaceFit staff are always on hand to help you get started and familiarise yourself with the equipment.

RaceFit's Power-Plate