Newmarket’s Pledge to Assist

With the Ukrainian people still under siege, support for those displaced by war has become vital to the humanitarian crisis experienced in the area.

Newmarket has pledged to help with individuals coming together to collect donations to support those displaced and their families. Cinch Self-Storage on Newmarket’s Willie Snaith Road has become the official collection point for those willing and able to donate items.

The Racing Centre is committed to supporting those in Newmarket who have been impacted by the war, and our doors are always open for those needing support and a safe and supportive space.

Those impacted in the horseracing industry are encouraged to seek support from Racing Welfare and NARS, the industry’s support network. Those not in the horseracing industry are encouraged to visit The Racing Centre or contact the Newmarket Community Helpline on 01638667227 using option 1.

Residents are encouraged to donated to the below address, during opening hours.

Address: July Court, Willie Snaith Road, Newmarket, CB8 7RL

Opening hours: Monday -Friday 8am-6pm & Saturday 9am-4pm.