Newmarket Community Pantry

Project COLD


The Racing Centre is excited to announce the launch of Newmarket’s first community pantry. This has been funded by the UK Prosperity Fund through Suffolk County Council.

The pantry, which is due to start imminently, has been launched to help those most vulnerable to the cost of living crisis the UK currently finds itself in. This pantry will host a variety of all the basic necessities a household will require to maintain a healthy and consistent diet.

In addition to non-perishables, the centre has also budgeted for cold food storage to hold a stock of perishables and fresh produce to increase the variety on offer. Access to the community pantry will be by referral through which has been developed under the Newmarket Community Network and town stakeholders. We are constantly looking to partner with local businesses and individuals to increase health and wellbeing in Newmarket, if you would like to get involved please do so here.

John Gilbert said: “This project was initially started as a soup kitchen for those needing a warm meal and a safe space during the winter months and has progressed into something much bigger with an incredibly powerful impact to those that most need it. The centre is proud to be playing it’s role in helping those that, as a community, need the support we can now give. We will work with other stakeholders in Newmarket to expand this project as it develops.”