Horseracing Community Day 2022

Racing Together assisted by horseracing stakeholders have big plans this Horseracing Community Day this Thursday 5th May 2022.

Newmarket has a drive to clean the paths and verges of encroachment and weeds. We aim to push this out to yards to get involved in their local areas as most already have the necessary tools to do this.

Signage cleaning –  Newmarket like most other areas has a vast number of signs that get little to no attention and make an impact to the overall impact of the town. With a donation of equipment and a few vehicles, we are aiming to target high traffic areas(where safely accessible) and give them a clean.

Bunting Yellow Brick Road Project – The Racing Centre and Discover Newmarket are leading on an art project down as part of the jubilee celebration and creating a bunting path as far as we can go. Anyone is welcome to attend the centre to decorate bunting which will go up in the summer. On the 5th we will have a bunting party from 10am for the majority of the day, although any contribution will be appreciated, where we plan to complete the bunting, sew it together and get the project wrapped up. Free tea and coffee will be provided on the day along with cake. We are particularly looking for anyone with seamstress skills and equipment to help put this all together.