Baby and toddler groups every parent will love!

These groups are the perfect opportunity for you to meet new people, get out of the house and have some fun with your little one.

Break up the week and push your buggy down to one of the many brilliant baby and toddler groups going on in Newmarket. After all, it’s better when we’re all together.

Here’s our guide to the best baby and toddler groups in Suffolk – from musical afternoons to fitness classes and groups with the best toys.


Boogie Babes, Newmarket

Boogies Babes is a brilliantly fun, Netmums award-winning dance class featuring plenty of pom-pom shaking, bubble bursting, sausage sizzling, teddy tumbling action.

Suitable for those who’ve just learned to walk, right the way up to school age, the mixture of dancing, singalong songs and exciting games improves coordination, encourages interaction with other children, boosts confidence and provides fitness and fun!

Classes are run by Luan and are designed to encourage Covid safe practices and social distancing.

When: Every Tuesday & Wednesday, 10:00am – 11:00 & 11:10am – 12:10pm

Where: The Racing Centre, Newmarket, CB8 8NT

Cost: £5 per session 

Book your space: or call 07769 883506


Mini Athletics, Newmarket

Mini Athletics is designed to bring the community together in a fun environment, that allows children to develop new skills, make new friends and spend time with their families.

Run by Hayley, trained as a Secondary PE teacher and Primary PE specialist, who knows the importance of engaging children in sport from a young age. Mini Athletics is a starting block for your child’s journey in sport, that enables them to develop not only their physical skills but improve their social skills and love for sport.

When: Every Friday, 9:10am – 9:55am, 10:00am – 10:45 & 10:50am – 11:35am 

Where: The Racing Centre, Newmarket, CB8 8NT

Cost: £7.50 per session 

Book your space here or call 07738 246290


Little City, Newmarket 

Little City is an entirely mobile role play City for the under 5’s to explore, discover and enjoy. Utilising bespoke backdrops and specially selected high-quality toys and equipment, your child can fully immerse themselves in their own world.

Toddlers and pre-schoolers are our biggest observers: they have watched us as adults go to the supermarket, post letters in the Post Office and style our hair. At Little City they can ‘be’ grownups: where nothing is off limits, they can be the hairdresser, the mechanic, the bespoke builder, the café owner and much, much more.

​Little City is aimed at under 5s and open to the entire community.

When: Ad hoc 

Where: The Racing Centre, Newmarket, CB8 8NT

Cost: £7.50 per session 

 Call 07562 254412 for upcoming dates