Boxing Classes. Reshape your life one round at a time

Do you want to be part of our exciting personal training journey? Our Ricky Hatton qualified trainer is running a personal training course straight from RaceFit!

Boxing benefits 

Boxing is a high-intensity, full-body workout, which challenges both aerobic and anaerobic metabolism systems, which aids the release of endorphins (the feel-good hormone).

A big benefit of boxing, that is essential to riders, is the improvement of hand-eye coordination. Boxing requires good rhythm, footwork and the ability to recognise your surroundings.

How long does the class last? 

Between 25-30 minutes.

How to book a class 

It’s so easy to book classes through PTminder.

If you are new to RaceFit, our friendly staff will help you get set up and familiar with our gym booking system.

What to wear 

Come dressed in comfortable, breathable non-restrictive clothing – our session will get you moving! Don’t forget to bring a water bottle to hydrate (we have a water fountain to refill any reusable water bottle).

November offer 

We’re offering our new boxing class for just £10 throughout November and December.

Prices will increase to £15 in the New Year.