Board Agrees New Strategy

The Racing Centre Strategic Plan 2022-2025




This strategic plan has been written to support the achievement of the charitable objectives of The Racing Centre. The mission and vision statements and the core values outlined were drafted by the trustees and the staff of The Racing Centre and are regarded as the underpinning principles that will inform the delivery of the objectives.  This strategic plan is intended to be a dynamic document; following the approval and agreement of the document by the main board, it will be shared with all staff through meetings and presentations to ensure that everyone is aware of the strategic objectives, action plans, the key performance indicators and their contribution to the achievement of these objectives.  Progress towards strategic objectives will be updated by the management team at each trustees’ meeting throughout the year and then the whole plan should be reviewed by trustees, staff and any other stakeholders and updated at each year end.  The plan should be read in conjunction with the budget for the coming 12 months.

Mission Statement


The Racing Centre’s mission is to enhance the wellbeing of local people through a range of community-based activities and events.


Vision Statement


The Racing Centre’s vision is to be an inclusive community hub for all local people.

Core Values


The following attributes were considered to be the attributes that should influence all our work and the way that we would wish to be perceived by others.

Teamwork ….

We listen

We understand

We develop


Our doors are always open

We’re inclusive

We value every person


We’re respectful

We’re proactive and reactive

We care

Our services/customers….

We support

We listen


We represent the community needs

We are the community

We help develop our local community

Strategic Objectives

To improve community and stakeholder awareness of The Racing Centre’s purpose and mission.

To improve the effectiveness of governance, leadership, and management at The Racing Centre.

To increase and diversify our income and funding streams.

To ensure our activities meet the needs of our local people and community.

To ensure The Racing Centre is well known and well used.