An update on the Afghan refugee situation

We are extremely grateful for all the amazing donations we have received so far – the response to this crisis really has shown the best of Newmarket!

We are no longer taking any donated items at the moment as we do not know what future needs will be, likewise, we are not offering specific volunteering opportunities at this stage.

“People have responded really quickly, the community has come together to support people who have lost everything. We have had more than 300 bags have been delivered to The Racing Centre in under a week. It shows we are a caring nation that can reach out to those in need.” John Gilbert, CEO, The Racing Centre.

How can you help? 

The most practical way to support long-term work with refugees from Afghanistan and elsewhere is to make a donation to Suffolk Refugees, who are a small independent charity supporting refugees from Afghanistan and elsewhere. Anything you can give will make a real difference, find out more details here.