COVID-19 Safety

During these unprecedented times, it is essential we all work together to play our part in minimising COVID-19 risks and to keep our customers and staff safe and well. We are all required to reduce the probability of coming into contact with someone who may have COVID-19, but not yet showing symptoms, this will ultimately mean some changes to what you may be used to within the Covid Secure process.

The Racing Centre provides a community hub in the heart of Newmarket providing information, advice and guidance in partnership with key agencies to improve the overall health and wellbeing of our community. The following sections outline how The Racing Centre is achieving a Covid Secure environment.


1. People

  • The health and safety of staff are checked regularly.
  • As part of the daily routine, a daily check-in is performed to ensure no health conditions have changed since the previous day.
  • Facemasks are worn when meeting with members of the public to protect each other.


2. The Racing Centre Premises

  • Staff are asked to lead by example and keep social distancing measures (of 2 meters) in place at all times. This includes when conducting meetings, when preparing refreshments, visits to the lavatories and conducting a personal training session.
  • Ample supply of hand sanitiser, antibacterial wipes and sprays, soap and tissues are readily available throughout the centre for staff and customers to use.
  • Staff are encouraged to wash their hands with hot water and soap more frequently than before, and to ensure supplies are stocked up throughout the centre.


3. RaceFit

Gym floor and changing rooms

  • Sanitiser placed at reception, which guests must use upon entry
  • More frequent and enhanced cleaning schedule of equipment and changing room areas
  • Cleaning station on gym floor for wiping down equipment before and after use


  • Reduced number of spaces for classes, available to book through PTMinder
  • Outdoor areas utilised where possible
  • Prior and after each class, all equipment will be cleaned by staff


4. New Astley Café

  • Enhanced and more frequent cleaning – menus, tables and chairs to be sanitised by staff after every use
  • Contactless payments preferred
  • Digital menu available
  • Take away orders available
  • Staff are required to sanitise after every interaction


In Summary

It is our sole intention to help keep our customers and staff safe. We will continue to review this policy to ensure it remains relevant, our team are available to answer any questions you have, 01638 662828 and

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